2023 Speakers

Elie Honig
CNN senior legal analyst, former prosecutor

Thomas Turcich
Adventurer, photographer, writer, dog-lover
Why Constraints Drive Growth

Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell
Physician, Medical Director, Advocate and Mom
Do No Harm

Essence Carson
Rutgers Alumni, WNBA Champion/All-Star, Philanthropist, Music Professional, Speaker
No Man is an Island

Hal Stern
Tech leader, coach, bassist
Organizations and Anxiety

Michael Quinn
Rutgers Student
Unmasking Addiction

Celin Hidalgo
Rutgers Student, Latina, Astrophysicist, Cuban
Still Untitled—The search for our true identity

2022 Speakers

Lisa S Kaplowitz
Finance Professor & Gender Advocate
Advancing Women by Redistributing the Housework, One Son at a Time

Camilla Townsend
Professor at Rutgers University
The Aztecs: We Should Change Our Minds About the World’s Villains

Hakki Akdeniz
Philanthropist & Business Owner
Homeless But Not Hopeless

Kaila Boulware Sykes & Raymond Sykes
Non-Profit Co-Founders, Artists & Community Builders

Eesha Vijayakumar
Rutgers Student | Aspiring Equitable Physician
The Power of Solitude: How Being Alone Can Help Us Find Happiness

Rohini Deivasigamani
Rutgers Student
Finding Resilience

2021 Speakers

Anik Khan
Artist & Entrepreneur
Finding Your Mustard Oil

Bastian Purrer
Non-profit Founder & Privacy Advocate
Fighting Fake News at its Source

Brent Leggs
Executive Director of AACHAF
Building a True National Identity by Saving Black Spaces

Chhavi Verg
Model, Actress, & Host
The Power of Stories on your Destiny

Chris Gavaler
Professor at Washington and Lee University
Should Superheroes Stay on their Pedestals?

2020 Speakers

Andrew Tjang
CTO & CEO of CognitionIP
The AI Darkroom

Christopher Young
Professor of Business Ethics
Fear at Your Own Risk

Jon Park (aka Dumbfoundead)
Rapper, Actor & Writer
What Battle Rap Taught Me

Nadia Masri
CEO & Founder of Perksy
Emotional Capital: The New Currency

Steve Irby
Photographer & Co-Founder of Street Dreams Magazine
Don't Live to Pay Your Rent

Vibhuti Arya Amirfar
Social Justice, Equity, Theatre, Education
Dark Room Methodology: Bringing Light to Structural Racism

2019 Speakers

Brooke Getter
Rutgers Student
Unboxing, Unlabeling, and Just Living

Alex Louie
Rutgers Student
What Cancer Taught Me About Happiness

Yana Bromberg
Professor of Bioinformatics
The Big YOU: Defining “you” on the Microbial Level

Mason Ameri
Professor of Management Studies
Fear of the Unknown: The Risky Side of First Impressions

Palak Patel
Chef, Advocate, TV personality, Immigrant
The Power of Community Cooking and Eating Together

Nandini Ramani
Chief Operating Officer - Outcome Health
Find Your Core Principles, and Hold on Tight

2017 Speakers

Scott Amyx
Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures
Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success

Gia Farooqi
CEO of Roshni Rides + Rutgers Student
Lightening the Load: The Power of Human Connection

Elisabeth Camp
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Footnotes, Asides, and Talking Under the Table

Jonathan Fader
NY Giants Sports Psychologist
Win the Game of Life with Sport Psychology

Biju Parekkadan
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering + Biotech Inventor
Translating the language of cells into regenerative medicine

Daniel Huang
Documentary Photographer
Life Inside a Refugee Camp

Theresa Menders
Documentary Photographer
Life Inside a Refugee Camp

2016 Speakers

Anand Patel
Founder of Hidden Grounds Coffee
Power of Untapped Potential

Aaron Kheifets
Writer at The Onion
Finding Your Raptor

Tom Gill
Rutgers 2016 Graduate in Mathematics
Redefining Recovery

Nouran Shehata
Rutgers 2016 Graduate in Finance
A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: Storytelling Reimagined

Dr. Colleen Georges
Professor of Educational Psychology
Rescripting the Stories We Tell Ourselves

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